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Tree care Andover MA
space Walkway Patio flower bedIf you have a tree that needs to be removed, we can mill the wood into planks and craft them it into fine furniture. Learn more > space
Trees are our Passion

At Andover Tree Preservation, trees are our passion. We feel that it is our duty to act as caretakers for trees that have been here before us and help ensure they are here for future generations to enjoy. Trees add value to property, improve the environment, and increase the quality of life for the people who come in contactwith them. Many trees are priceless and we offer many services to protect and helpthem thrive.  We have been committed to offering environmentally responsible arbor care practices since our establishment in 2004.


Tree Services
Plant Healthcare
Hemlock Wooll Adelgid
Winter Moth
Organic Tick Control
Specimen Plantings
Ornamental Pruning