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In addition to plant health care services
we offer landscape
& hardscape design
and development

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Tree and Plant Health Care Services

We have been committed to offering environmentally responsible arbor care practices since our establishment in 2004. Here are our specialties:

Plant Health Care
Andover Tree Preservation focuses on tailoring custom plant healthcare programs for our clients. Learn More

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Treatments
Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) is an exotic pest introducedfrom Asia in the 1920s. A tree infested and left untreatedcan lead to tree mortality. Learn More

Winter Moth Protection
Protect your trees and plants from being eaten alive. Learn More

Organic Tick Control
Don't let ticks keep you from enjoying your yard. We offer a safe, 100% organic service, to eliminate ticks. Learn More

Ornamental Pruning
Every tree and shrub species has different pruning requirements and needs to be approached on an individual basis. Learn More

Landscape and Hardscape Design and Construction

Landscape Construction
Share your landscape vision with us and we'll bring it to life. Learn More

Specimen Planting
The most important aspect of planting is, “Right plant for the right spot.” Learn More

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wood table

Keep your trees in your life
even when they are cut down. We make furniture from your trees.
Learn more!